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About us

AZWeb-Tek is the Arizona's industry leader in delivering cost effective, billing processes for providers serving clients of the Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities. We specialize in providing rapid billing services and management of consumer authorizations and HCBS provider hours.
Our solution relies on a blend of advanced technology, time-tested software and error detection methodologies. We understand the dynamic nature of the DDD authorizations process and have built a flexible operational environment to support the needs of our most demanding providers.

Our technology

At the core of our solution you will find DDDEZ©. This specialized system allows AZWeb-Tek to effectively work with each provider to manage the entire billing and record keeping process. DDDEZ© is a web based application that houses all information and documentation tied to the consumer/program authorization, billing and reconciliation process In addition we provide close to real-time tracking and transparency throughout the realization of these processes.
AZWeb-Tek also provides free telephone support and hands on training, ensuring you have the necessary lines of communication required to efficiently resolve issues as (or if) they arise.
Most importantly, you will have access to all of your information on the internet 24/7.

Our Approach

AZWeb-Tek understands the importance of treating our clients in a professional, respectful and honest manner. We take our Professional Policy Statement very seriously and instill these values in all of our personnel. Tracking authorizations and correctly billing for rendered services is a logistical headache and a full-time administrative burden. AZWeb-Tek can help by providing highly specialized resources and seamless access to accurate, timely, and standardized information to accelerate the process.

Boost accuracy

Get it right the first time. With DDDEZ©, your agency can automate time-consuming administrative tasks, and share information across your organization documenting consumer services, and submitting claims. In addition, our thorough error limiting and checking techniques will verify and validate the accuracy of billing information, maximizing cash flow.

Manage billing and revenue cycle functions internally

This powerful tool enables you to manage your own billing and revenue cycle management functions internally and improve reimbursement and processing efficiency by reducing errors related to authorization verification and incorrect data entry.