DDDEZ Pricing Structure!

All Rates are Monthly!
Sample Pricing shown below
5 clients$207.50
6 clients$209.00
10 clients$215.00
20 clients$230.00
50 clients$275.00
60 clients$290.00
70 clients$305.00
100 clients$350.00
150 clients$425.00
200 clients$500.00
300 clients$650.00
400 clients$800.00
500 clients$950.00
Companies are charged the base rate ($200.00)and $1.50 per consumer. You are only charged for clients that you provide services to for that month.
. Effective date Feb 10th 2023

Includes DTA / DTT / DTS ratio Calculator - make sure you are within Arizona DDD ratio guidelines for Day Training Services!
HCBS Provider Login for timesheet submission!
Client FaceSheets - have all consumer info only a click away!!